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I. Vocabulary and Structure (60 points)

Directions: In this part, there are 60 incomplete sentences, for each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

1. Mary ran so fast that __________ could catch her up in her school.

A. Anybody     B. nobody      C. everybody      D. somebody

2. Do you think online teaching will ____________take place of classroom teaching?

A. especially       B. slowly      C. merely     D. finally


3. Reading aloud every day is one of _________ most useful methods in learning English.

A. a             B. an           C. the           D. /


4. The accident is reported to have occurred_____the first Sunday in February.

A. At            B. on           C. in           D. to


5. __________ we are having these days! Shall we go for an outing tomorrow?

A. What nice weather           B. How nice weather

C. What a nice weather           D. How a nice weather


6. Compared _________our small flat, Roberts house seems like a palace.

A. in            B. for           C. with           D. on


7. I dont feel like ___________ abroad to study since I have to take care of my aging parents.

A. go           B. going           C. went           D. to go

8. In terms of emergency, we could ____________ the police for help.

A. turn to        B. turn out       C. turn over       D. turn on

turn Ķ

9. If a child is absent ___________ school for a long time, he or she should be given extra help.

A. at              B. in            C. from             D. of


10. She cant clean the house because shes busy ________ cakes.

A. baking          B. to bake        C. to have baked   D. having baked

be busy doing sth. æij

11. Kathy __________ some Spanish by playing with the native boys and girls.

A. made up       B. took up        C. picked up         D. turned up

V+ upĶ

12. For the _____of her daughters health, she decided to move to a warm place.

A. sake          B. time        C. face            D. help


13. Jimmy is very _________on playing computer games.

A. anxious        B. eager          C. addicted         D. keen


14. The oil price keeps rising, and __________, more people begin to take public vehicles.

A. as a whole      B. in a word    C. as a result        D. in a reply


15. He hurried to the booking office, only __________ that all the tickets had been sold out.

A. to tell         B. to be told    C. telling           D. told


16. I asked him to __________ me a few minutes so that I could have a word with him.

A. spend           B. spare          C. save         D. share

17. I really appreciate __________ to help me, but I am sure that I can manage it by myself.

A. you to offer                      B. that you offer

C. your offering                      D. that you are offering


18. Peter is one of the passengers who ___________ the plane crash although badly injured.

A. escaped         B. survived          C. lived        D. recovered


19. Mike had to __________himself to his new life in the countryside.

A. adopt            B. suit             C. regulate     D. adapt


20. Health problems are closely related to bad eating habits and a ________of exercises.

A. limit            B. lack          C. need        D. demand


21. The woman had scarcely sat down on the sofa _________the telephone rang.

A. when           B. than          C. after        D. until

scarcely...when ʾ“һ ...... ”̶

22. We feel _________our duty to make our country a better place to live in.

A. it             B. this             C. that                D. its


23. ___________ is often the case, young kids rely a lot on their parents.

A. It             B. As             C. That            D. What


24. The English professor has his students _________ a book report every week.

A. to write       B. written          C. wrote            D. write


25. Since the carpet has so many stains, it needs ____________.

A. replace          B. to replace       C. being replaced      D. replacing


26. It will not be long ____________we know the result of the test.

A. until          B. when          C. before           D. as


27. ___________ more attention, the trees could have grown much better.

A. Given         B. To give          C. Giving        D. Having given


28. It is not necessary to _________every new word in the dictionary while you are reading.

A. look for        B. look at          C. look up         D. look into


29. It’s high time you had your hair cut, it’s getting __________.

A. too much long                      B. much too long

C. long too much                      D. too long much

׻too muchmuch too

30. One advantage of playing the guitar is _________ it can give you a great deal of pleasure.

A. how          B. why             C. that               D. when


31. ______ should be responsible for the car accident is still under investigation.

A. Who          B. What          C. Whom            D. That


32. Tom was very rude to the customs officer,  ________made things even worse.

A. that            B. whom          C. what            D. which


33. On weekends, the park is full of people ________themselves in the sunshine.

A. to enjoy      B. enjoying          C. enjoy            D. enjoys


34. It’s very kind ____________ invite me to your birthday party.

A. of you to        B. from you to       C. by you to      D. for you to

it ʽĹ̶

35. I wish I ____________ the film The Chinese Doctors.

A. have seen     B. had seen     C. should have seen     D. am seeing

--- wishӾ

36. In some schools, students do not have sufficient access _________the library.

A. into           B. of               C. to             D. about

: access̶

37. It’s no trouble at all; on the ________, it will be a great pleasure to help you.

A. contest        B. reverse         C. opposite          D. contrary


38. The boy has no choice but _________ extra hours to meet the deadline.

A. works        B. working         C. to work          D. work

have no choice but to do sth. ̶

39. The medical workers will keep people _________ about the effect of the vaccine.

A. inform        B. informing         C. informed      D. to inform


40. If I were rich enough, I __________buy a beautiful house for my parents.

A. shall        B. must            C. will            D. would


41. The manager has come to the conclusion _________ Alex is the right person for the job.

A. what          B. that            C. which           D. as


42. Kids are ___________ by many people as God-given gifts for families.

A. considered      B. consider        C. considering      D. to consider


43. Only when I left my parents for Italy ________ how much I loved them.

A. I did realize   B. I had realized   C. had I realized   D. did I realize

: װ---“only+״”ھף뵹װ

44. The little girl seldom smiles when greeting others, _________?

A. doesn’t she    B. does she      C. will she       D. won’t she


45. As you can see, the number of cars on roads _________ rising these days.

A. was keeping   B. keep           C. keeps          D. were keeping

: νһ

46. My boss came into the office just as I _________ my holiday photos.

A. showed         B. was showing  C. would show    D. had shown

: ȥʱ̬

47. The university__________ in 1911, is home to a great number of outstanding figures.

A. found           B. founding      C. to be founded    D. founded


48. By the time he was twelveEdison ________ to make a living by himself.

A. would start    B. has started      C. had started       D. was started


49. Ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts. The plane__________.

A. takes off       B. took off         C. has taken off    D. is taking off


50. My friend William warned his children ___________ after drinking.

A. not to drive    B. to not drive   C. not driving       D. not drive


51. The top leaders are trying to ___________ mutual understanding between the two countries.

A. raise          B. lift           C. promote          D. push


52. ________ your help, we could not have succeeded .

A. Without       B. With        C. Besides          D. Except

53. By this time next Monday, we ______________ the work.

A. will finish                      B. will be finished

C. will have finished                D. will have been finished


54. You have to work harder _________you will probably fail the coming exam.

A. but              B. or            C. and              D. so

55. She was the first woman ________ the gold medal in the Olympic Games.

A. to win           B. wins         C. winning           D. won

: νﶯ---ʽö

56. The president spoke at the opening ceremony ________the faculty and staff.

A. instead of       B. on behalf of     C. in place of     D. in case of


57. I need a new passport so I will have to have my photograph ____________.

A. take          B. to take           C. taken           D. taking

ʹ۶have ȥִ

58. Had she known the truth, she ____________him.

A. would have forgiven                 B. had forgiven

C. would forgive                       D. has forgiven


59. By the end of last year, many new museums __________ in Xi’an.

A. would be built                       B. were being built

C. have been built                    D. had been built


60. It is in recent years_______people have realized the importance of environmental protection.

A. when          B. where           C. which            D. that


II. Reading Comprehension ( 50 points)

Directions: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. For each of them,. there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

Passage One



There are different ways in which people try to deal with the problem of energy. One way is the greater production of common energy sources, such as coal, oil and gas. The trouble with these sources, however, is that they are not renewable.

Another way is energy conservation which means using energy more efficiently. In some very cold countries people build special houses to save energy. They place materials between the inside and the outside of the walls of the house to keep the cold out and the warmth in the house is heated by the lights, the body heat of the people and the other equipment in it.

Finally, renewable energy sources are used even though they are often expensive to develop. One form of these is geothermal energy. In certain parts of the world the temperature of the earth increases thirty degrees centigrade with each kilometre down. At six kilometers, therefore, it rises to nearly two hundred degrees. To get the heat water is pumped down into the rocks and back up to the surface. Heat from the earth is already used in certain countries.

61. How many ways of dealing with the energy problem are discussed in the text?

A. Two         B. Three         C. Four            D. Five

62. The underlined words “ geothermal energy ” in the third paragraph mean ____________.

A. renewable source                  B. underground source

C. heat inside the earth               D. temperature of the earth

63. The writer tells about “ the special houses ” because they __________.

A. show the excellent skills of the builders

B. serve as an example of energy conservation

C. can only be heated by lights

D. are warmer than other types of houses

64. According to the passage, which of the following is renewable energy?

A. Oil            B. Coal           C. Gas            D. Heat

65. At a place where the surface temperature is 15 , how deep do you have to dig so as to get a temperature of 75  ?

A. One kilometer                   B. Two kilometers.       

C. Three kilometers.                D. Four kilometers.

Passage Two


Life expectancy is rising in many countries of the world. But doctors are seeing another trend that is disturbing. Some people are choosing lifestyles that result in early death. A new US study looks at four lifestyle choices that prevent people from staying healthy and living longer.

It used to be rare for people to live to 100. But babies born in the US today can hope to live that long. In the 20th century, life expectancy in wealthy nations increased by as much as 30 years. Average life expectancy for Americans is 78. But doctors are seeing people from bad habits that can cut their life short, such as eating too much junk food, exercising too little and smoking cigarettes. These habits increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Researchers at Harvard University and the University of Washington wanted to find out how many years are lost with these lifestyle choices. “ What we found was that high blood pressure, smoking and overweight account for five years of loss of life expectancy in men and about four years in women at the national level ” Goodarz Danaei, one of the principal researchers said. The researchers broke down the data into race, income and location, and they found even greater differences. Middle-income whites have the best blood pressure. But Asian-Americans have fewer bad habits and the best health. “ They are not getting heart disease because of low blood pressure. They are not getting cancer because they have low risk factors for cancer. ” Danaei said.

66.Some people’ s early death is the result of their _______________.

A. life expectancy     B. genes      C. lifestyles        D. hobbies

67. Babies born nowadays in the US can be expected to _____________.

A. live to 100                        B. live less than 100

C. live 30 years longer               D. live to 78

68. What will be the result of exercising too little and smoking cigarettes?

A. They cut people’s life short.

B. They do no harm to people’s health.

C. They certainly lead to cancer.

D. They certainly lead to heart disease.

69. High blood pressure, smoking and overweight can lead to ___________.

A. four years of loss of life expectancy in men and five years in women

B. five years of loss of life expectancy in men while about four years in women

C. five years of loss of life expectancy in both men and women

D. nine years of loss of life expectancy in both men and women

70. Compared with Asian-Americans, middle-income whites have __________.

A. fewer bad habits                   

B. better blood pressure

C. better health                   

D. lower risk of cancer

Passage Three


Your house may have an effect on your figure. Experts say the way you design your home could play a role in whether you pack on the pounds or keep them off. You can make your environment work for you instead of against you. Here are some ways to turn your home into part of your diet plan.

Open the curtains and turn up the lights. Dark environments are more likely to encourage overeating, for people are often less self-conscious when they’re in poorly lit places---and so more likely to eat lots of food. If your home doesn’t have enough window light, get more lamps and flood the place with brightness.

Mind the colors. Research suggests warm colors fuel our appetites. In one study people who ate meals in a blue room consumed 33 percent less than those in a yellow or red room. Warm colors like yellow make food appear more appetizing, while cold colors make us feel less hungry. So when it’s time to repaint, go blue.

Don’t forget the clock---or the radio. People who eat slowly tend to consume about 70 fewer calories per meal than those who rush through their meals. Begin keeping track of the time, and try to make dinner last at least 30 minutes. And while you’re at it, actually sit down to eat. If you need some help slowing down, turn on relaxing music. It makes you less likely to rush through a meal.

Downsize the dishes. Big serving bowls and plates can easily make us fat. We eat about 22 percent more when using a 12-inch plate instead of a 10-inch plate. When we choose a large spoon over a smaller one, total intake jumps by 14 percent. And we’ll pour about 30 percent more liquid into a short, wide glass than a tall, skinny glass.

71. The text is especially helpful for those who care about _________.

A. healthy diets                      B. their body shape

C. house buying                      D. their home comforts

72. Which of the following may make people put on weight?

A. People often feel self-conscious when they have a meal.

B. It is encouraged that people should eat in the dark environment.

C. Dark environments may make people eat less because they feel more self-conscious.

D. Dark environments may make people eat more because they feel less self-conscious.

73. A home environment in blue can help people _____________.

A. digest food better               B. reduce food intake

C. burn more calories            D. regain their appetites

74. What are people advised to do at mealtimes?

A. Use smaller spoons.            B. Play fast music.

C. Eat quickly                  D. Tun down the lights.

75. What can be a suitable title for the text?

A. Is Your House Making You Fat?

B. Effects of Self-Consciousness

C. Ways of Serving Dinner

D. Is Your Home Environment Relaxing?

Passage Four 


In New York City, teachers are interested in the different races of their students. They have noticed that young students spend time together with different races. For example, black students have friendships with white students. But the teachers realized that they begin to change their friendships as they get older. Black students form friendships with other black students, and white students have friendships with other white students.

The teachers believe that older children start to become aware of themselves and what they look like. To understand their own identity, older children connect with people who are similar to them. Each group does not seem to keep friendships with other races. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the teachers are concerned about the friendships that students are losing with people who are different from them.

The teachers wanted to change this, so they tried to help their students make friends with people from different races. To do this, the teachers put students of different races together in the same groups during classroom activities. It’s also important for the teachers to be helpful. Students feel more encouraged to be friendly with those from other races if the classroom environment is welcoming. There must be trust and respect in the classroom, so the teachers created this type of environment. When the teachers tried all of this, they were happy with the results. Students had more friendships with people from different races.

Why do the teachers think this is important to do? Researchers say that young students who have friends that are different from them are more comfortable interacting with people. They also found that these students also have greater education goals than students with similar friends. Having friends of different races will prepare these students to become adults who can work successfully with different kinds of people in the real world.

76. Why do older students change their friendships?

A. Because they don’t like to be friends with same race.

B. Because they prefer to make friends with similar people.

C. Because they prefer to make friends with similar age.

D. Because they want to be trusted and respected by friends.

77. How do the teachers encourage friendships between students of different races?

A. Teach students to be helpful to each others.

B. Teach students to trust and respect each other.

C. Put students of different races in the same groups.

D. Organize parties for students from different races.

78. What can be inferred from the passage?

A. Younger students are aware of their race.

B. Students must trust and respect their teachers.

C. Young black students prefer to make friends with black students.

D. Students who make friends with different races are likely to succeed.

79. The underlined word “ identity ” in Para. 2 means ______________.

A. feature          B. reputation        C. position       D. race

80. What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. Older students are losing friends from different races.

B. Older students become more sensitive to choosing friends.

C. Teachers are concerned about the older students in school.

D. Teachers can help students maintain friendships between different races.

III. Translation. (20 points)

Directions: In this part, there is a short passage in English. Read it carefully and translate it into Chinese.  ǰƻ

Laughter offers a number of positive effects on our health both physically and mentally. First of all, laughter helps strengthen our body and reduce pressure. It can also increase the flexibility of our muscles. What’s more, laughter draws our attention from anger despair and other negative feeling, allowing us to see a problem as a challenge rather than a threat. Last but not the least, laughter helps us create hope and a better relationship with people around us, which contributes to the development of stable society. That’s why we are encouraged to laugh more in life.



壬ᾫѹǿԡΣЦ԰ǵעӷŭתƳǽ⿴һս вͬҪǣЦ԰Ǵϣߵ˽õĹϵȶչйǶЦһЦ ԭ


Part IV. Writing (20 points)

Directions: For this part, you are required to write a composition of 120 to 180 words. Your writing should be based on the title and outline given below.

Keeping pets on campus


1. ԽԽѧѧУ;

2. ѧУ԰;

3. Ŀ


Keeping pets on campus

During the recent years, keeping pets on campus has been widely accepted by an increasing number of college students around us.

Some of people think that there are a lot of advantages for college students to keep pets on campus. On the one hand, if we have a lovely pet, we can make ourselves feel more relaxed and happier when we take it for a walk after a whole day’s study. On the other hand, by playing with pets, we can also stay away from the unhappy things and the trouble. In addition, the pets are the best coach fellows for your family who can help us far from loneliness.

On the contrary, we know that all coins have two sides, there is no doubt that keeping pets has many disadvantages. As an example, we need spend more of time in taking care of them so that we will have less time to study well. In particular, maybe keeping pets will have an bad influence on our tests. Thirdly, the pets may make some rubbish which will pollute the environment of our campus.

In my opinion, before we are about to keep pets, we should think over carefully. Only in this way can we keep the balance of the time between the study and the pets.

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